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We take pride in our wide selection of quality Waldorf inspired products. All  WoolCreations® products are handmade by the artist out of natural "ingredients." Custom ordered items may take up to 6 weeks before shipping, depending on the custom list. Please contact us early enough for birthday or holiday gifts. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

"Waldorf inspired Dolls"

are nurturing for your child. The appearance of the Waldorf doll is very simple with very little to no facial expressions which allows the child to engage in imaginative and creative play.

".....a handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it." 
--Maricristin Sealey

Why the name Ringalina Doll?

"Our last name is Ringeisen. When our children were born people would say: "Awww... another cute little Ringolino!" So when I was searching for a name that would fit my dolls, which took me over 5 years, I finally decided on Ringalina. Ringolino sounds a little too "tough" for the soft and whimsical dolls I create so I had to change it a little."

Waldorf inspired Ringalina Dolls are nurturing for your child. The appearance of the Waldorf doll is very simple, with very little to no facial expression which allows the child to engage in imaginative and creative play.

All of my dolls are made individually. I start with the head and customize my pattern accordingly. This way no doll will be the same. It is a very wholesome process with a start and a finish. Each doll is dressed in a 3 piece outfit, you pick colors. You are able to upgrade the clothes at an extra cost. You may fill out the doll's information to personalize the certificate yourself or provide that information to me and I will gladly fill it in and send it all ready to give to the new mom/dad.

I would like to give a little insight to how my dolls are constructed. In the past I have shown my dolls fully dressed in their listing. I came to the conclusion that my customers may want to see "more" of what they are buying, so I would like to give a little insight to how my dolls are constructed. The dolls in the pictures below have most likely already found a home, but they are constructed in the same quality craftswomanship as all of my dolls. They are stuffed tightly without lumps and the stitching is of best quality, just as your doll will be!
Each of my dolls are hand-sewn with doubled thread for extra durability. Every doll has a double seam around attached limbs and neck. The head is first covered (embroidered) with hair yarn and then individual hair strands are embroidered. This way you can easily change the dolls hairstyles. You can even brush the hair with a wide toothed comb (brushing is not recommended on dolls with curly hair, as the comb can get stuck in the loops). Eyes and mouth are embroidered with embroidery thread. Each doll will receive rosy cheeks. You may want to add a lavender pouch to be sewn into the torso; just ask me to do that.

                             Hair choices

                      Cotton skin fabric

     wool light                         wool medium                       wool dark

Ringalina Doll

The doll's head is sewn into a soft stuffed "pillow" body that is made of either bamboo/cotton velour or cotton velour. Skin fabric choices are cotton or wool skin.

Ringalina Doll

with attached arms, but torso and legs are in one piece. Skin fabric choices are cotton or wool skin.

Ringalina Doll

with attached, slightly bend arms and attached legs, which creates a more defined bottom and flexible legs. Skin fabric choices are cotton or wool skin.

Ringalina Baby

arms and legs are bend more in a baby like posture. Skin fabric choices are cotton or wool skin.

Doll Clothes

are hand knit or sewn out of natural materials. Skin fabric choices are cotton or wool skin.

"Waldorf inspired Hobby Horses"

are children's toy horses. They were very popular in the days before cars. Children like to imitate grown ups. In the days were adults rode their horses, children imitated them with their hobby horse. Just as children like to imitate driving cars today.

Hobby Horses have been a favorite toy for children of all ages for a long time. My hobby horse heads are made of 100% wool fiber. There are 4 ways that I create a Hobby Horse. There is the knitted "sock", needle felted (I don't do this very often, and only at request), wet felted and sewn out of up-cycled felted wool knit. No matter the way, they are all sturdy and a lot of fun to play with. Depending on your child, you may choose between a knight's horse fit for the tournament or a lady's horse to be the talk of the town. A knight's horse may be embellished with bells, beads and flags. A lady's horse may be embellished with felted flowers, ribbons and jingles.

A wooden rod is installed inside the head and tightly secured. It is used to hold onto and sit on top. One leg on the left and one leg on the right and the child is ready to ride at its own pace. 

 Hobby Horses are available in 3 sizes. 

Small - for the child 2-3 years of age
Medium - for the child 4-5 years of age
Large - for the child 5+

Real Horses are difficult to handle. They are large compared to us. It is important that the hobby horse too gives that kind of feeling to the child. The child will learn to "handle" his or her horse and take care of it. The child is encouraged to learn balance and endurance. 


Horses for Knights

The knights horse is available in many colors. The embellishments are made of 100% wool, but beads can be used as well. 

Horses for Ladies

The horse for the little lady is available in many colors and embellishments are made of wool, silk and beads. 

Unicorns and other creatures

are made the same way that the hobby horse is made. Unicorns, zebras and even moose can be created. What animal is on your mind?

Horses for Dolls

Dolls can have fun too!


"Floralia" was an ancient Roman festival dedicated to Flora, the goddess of flowers and vegetation. Inspired by Flora you will find a selection of felted flowers. Felted flowers can be used in many ways. "Bridal bouquets" is just one use.

Single flowers

can be used to decorate clothing or your home. 

Clothing with felted flowers


Bridal and other Bouquets

Felted flowers make great bridal bouquets as they do not wilt. With a little care they will last a long time. 

"Felted Slippers"

are hand felted and one of a kind. Slippers are supposed to be worn inside only. Great to keep feet warm and comfortable.


For children I have created knights, dragons, animals and fairy creatures ....... the possibilities are endless!


Flowers are always nice for women, but they are so many other possibilities.


Not too many men order or wear these types of slippers, so I don't have any pictures to show. Sorry!

How to felt slippers, includes how to make shoe lasts ad how to felt the slipper. 34 page tutorial with pictures.

"Other fiber art"

Wall hangings are inspired by nature, dreams and wishes, and stories of childhood. Imagination meets the felting needle and fiber to create fantastic pieces of art.

Waldorf inspired musical needle Felted "Boxes" Needle felted Woolcreations® around mechanical music box. 
Pull string and a lullaby will start to play.
Woolen Waldorf inspired toys, either sewn or felted.
Waldorf inspired Nature table figures. Hand-crafted Nature table/Season table figures, made of 100% natural materials.

Needle felted or wet felted bags,purses and backpacks. Unique design and made of 100% natural materials.

Wall Hangings

inspired by all that is around

Music Boxes

Needle felted around mechanical music box

Woolen toys

either swen or felted

Nature table

bring outside in

Pouches and bags

whimsical containers made of wool

Knitted and sometimes embellished

Knitted clothing articles for children. I use the Ridinghood Babydoll pattern by Greenstings

Ridinghood Babydoll pattern

Lifetime license 

Knit and embellished

"free-hand" knit with needle felted embellishings.

Knitting patterns

Knitting patterns for Ringalina dolls