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Knit Felt Embellish

Posted by annette on January 30, 2012 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Just recently I found this beautiful rainbow yarn Since it is a thin pencil roving, especially great for either spinning or felting, I decided to knit it up into a sweater jacket. One has to be careful knitting, as the yarn breaks easy, it is after all pencil roving and not spun. No worries though, it is very easy to bring the two ends together if it does break. The bleeding of one color into the next is so beautiful and gradual.

Once knitting was complete, I wet felted the gown. The pencil roving is so easy to felt. It can easily done by hand or in the washing machine. Make sure to keep a close eye one it if you decide to use the washer. Squeeze as much water out as you possibly can and pull the garment into shape. Let it air dry.

My last step was the embellishing of the jacket. Some colored wool fibers, needle felting needles, time and love is all you need to complete this project.

I made 2 clothing pieces with this yarn and love how both turned out. Pictures speak louder then words.

Approx. size is 12mo-18mo

sleeve inseam: 9"

chest: 20"

back length (collar to hem): 13.5"

Little Top/Dress

Approx. size is 3T

chest: 26"

back length (collar to hem): 15"

Perfect top can be worn over a short sleeve or long sleeve tee.

It is a piece of art, one of a kind!

It is one of those pieces of wearable art,

that one will want to keep and cherish


Instead of packing it away in a box

with other memories,one could get creative

sew it shut and stuff it to make a pillow,

or even put it behind glass into a frame and hang it up.

It surly will keep on giving,

long after your child has outgrown it.





Hand-wash gently!



Just a little time....

Posted by annette on June 23, 2011 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (7)

Dear Friends, 

I have not disappeared from the face of the Earth! I am still here! It is just that my life has taken a little bit of a different direction.

It was supposed to be just my husband and I with the kids visiting once in a while. Wow was I wrong! Last year our daughter and her daughter stayed with us, while our son in law was deployed. We had a great time and we miss her now that she doesn't even live in the same State. Of course we are happy for them to be reunited and that they don't have to far from each other any longer.

During that year our son finished school and joined the Military. He was away for 1 year and is now stationed near by, but with deployment orders to Afghanistan in the near future :(

In March we had our oldest and youngest grandchildren living with us as their parents were in training for their deployment to Iraq. They left for Iraq in the beginning of May and we expect them to be away for approx. one year. Their children (almost 5 and 2 years) are staying with us. 

As you can imagine, this has been anything but easy for everyone. The children love and miss their parents and the parents love and miss their children. I can not even imagine how hard this is for them. To change and adapt our life to having little ones in the house once again doesn't compare. 

My #1 priority has always been my family, so it is no surprise that it is now as well. WoolCreations is not taking a break, but things definitely have slowed down. My creative and business time has been cut and it will be some time till I can be back full force. I am taking custom orders, but turn around times will be up to 6 weeks. 

I try to find time between building castles and catching dragons, changing diapers and reading stories, playing in the sandbox and catching fireflies.... and I do!

Just recently I have felted some delicate flowers and am working on different types of flowers right now.  

My inspiration is my beautiful garden and my goal is to offer them eventually for bridal bouquets or table decoration. Perfect for our Event business  

Delicate Flowers: